Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Cake and Masks

I have a few days off work at the moment which is bliss, although I don’t really have any plans other than to take my dog on lots of long walks and catch up on lots of sleep and tv shows I haven’t seen.

I have a cake to bake in the next few days. It’s my birthday next week and I usually make all the cakes in my family when it’s someone’s birthday and then just buy one for myself when it’s my birthday, but I thought I would make one for myself this year. I have a lot of eeyore figurines and mugs which I've collected over the years and so I thought I would make an eeyore cake in the shape of eeyore. I’m not sure how well it’s going to turn out, but if it does go wrong at least it will be my disaster and I won’t have to worry about someone else being disappointed. I will happily eat it however it looks even if it is a complete mess.

I’m currently editing Masks and Mirrors, the sequel to Bones and Ashes. It should be ready to go up soon, although I still haven’t sorted out the cover yet. I will have to start playing around with some ideas. After Masks is up, my plan is to carry on and write the 3rd book in the Bones and Ashes series. I have a lot of it written in rough already, although I don’t have any idea what the title will be yet. It takes place at Christmas, so it would be good if I could have it ready to go up in December. I always think books taking place at Christmas look a bit silly when they’re released in the summer. I like it to be cold and frosty when I'm reading about Christmas and snow.